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Above Ground Deep Well Jet Pumps

Tampa Pentair well pumps
deep well jet pumps

For depths to water 25 to 400 feet deep. Must be pulled from well casing for repairs. Two-wire pumps have built-in controls. Three-wire pumps require a separate control box. A single pipe comes up from the inside of the well into the home and connects to a pressure tank.

Deep Well Submersible Pumps

submersible well pumps

A submersible pump is a device which has a hermetically sealed motor close-coupled to the pump body. The whole assembly is submerged in the fluid to be pumped. The main advantage of this type of pump is that it prevents pump cavitation, a problem associated with a high elevation difference between pump and the fluid surface. Submersible pumps push fluid to the surface as opposed to jet pumps having to pull fluids. Submersibles are more efficient than jet pumps.


Shallow Well Jet Pumps

shallow well jet pumps

A shallow well pump sits above ground and draws water out through one inlet pipe. Jet pumps create suction in a rather novel way. The pump is powered by an electric motor that drives an impeller, or centrifugal pump. The impeller moves water, called drive water, from the well through a narrow orifice, or jet, mounted in the housing.

Stinky Water Eradication

Tampa stinky water
stinky water removal

Out Tampa well water treatment systems eradicate  stinky Tampa well water at it’s core, and get to the main root cause of the matter.  Those days of stinky water in your home which smells foul & tastes horrible will be a thing of the past once we install our system.

Well Pressure Tanks

Tampa well pumps
pressure tanks

Flexible bladder tanks are made with high resistance PVC material and are welded with high frequency soldering techniques. The bladder walls are made of polyester with PVC induction. The materials used in bladder walls are generally UV resistant and are chosen for their chemical stability and resistance to mechanical abrasion.


Metered Dosing Pumps

Tampa Stenner Pumps
chemical feed pumps

A peristaltic pump is a self-priming pump that achieves pumping action by moving a system of rollers against a flexible tube. The pumped fluid is never exposed to the air or to the mechanical moving parts. It’s design prevents siphoning by providing a constant seal on the pumping tube. It is designed to pump a very precise flow rate of a chemical or substance into a well water system.


The first thing that we recommend before you purchase a Tampa well water treatment system from is to have your Tampa well water professionally tested by one of our trained Tampa well water treatment experts. Every Tampa well is different, and we give our clients plenty of different options on how to deal with their problem Tampa well water issues. Most of the time, we find that a clients chief Tampa well water complaint concerns the family’s dislike of the taste and smell of their Tampa well water. The smell may be caused by sulfur or some other issue. Our Tampa well water treatment systems can treat and eradicate the funky sulfur taste and smell of your Tampa well water and restore peace in the home once again.

Tampa well water treatment clients love our professional Tampa well water treatment systems because they are chemical free, & designed for a world that can no longer take water for granted.

Tampa water testing
Tampa well water
Tampa well system diagram

In an environment where the quality of a household water can vary significantly from day to day, we sell only top quality Tampa well water treatment systems which always deliver conditioning performance on demand. When you buy our Tampa well water treatment systems you are getting the best quality, at the most affordable price.

Tampa Residential Water Treatment

Tampa Well Water Treatment Air Injection

Tampa Commercial Water Treatment

Tampa well Water Treatment Testimonials

These guys were top notch pros.  I would recommend them to anyone who has a family that needs a high quality Florida water treatment system.  They were reasonably priced, the installation was fast, and they were extremely friendly!

Danielle Brooks

They are very professional and will not try to over sell you product. They supplied me with only what I wanted & needed. Great installation job too!

Barbara Randolph


We are the reliable Tampa water treatment installation experts.  The water in your home may have multiple issues that need to be corrected.These issues include hardness which blocks piping in the home and appliances, to bad tastes and smell. If your water looks, tastes, or smells bad, then the application of conditioned water at each tap is the best answer. Specialize in many types of Tampa water quality applications including residential water treatment systems, well treatment systems, air injection systems, salt free scale prevention systems, water softeners, reverse osmosis drinking water filtration systems, & UV purification systems.  Our free Tampa home water test could show that the water coming into your home has some additional issues that need treatment. For instance, you may be experiencing unpleasant smells which contains a high level of sulfur, or iron which may appear reddish in color and stain toilets and fixtures. Depending on the issue at hand, we carry a broad spectrum of specialty filters, air injection systems, and chlorine free feeder systems which will suit the application you are trying to achieve & correct the issue.

We specialize in eradicating stinky Tampa well water, so your family's water looks, tastes, and smells amazing.

Be free of stinky Tampa well water


– Removal of sulfur smell & hydrogen Sulfide. (Rotten egg smell)

– Removal of iron. (Musty smell)

– Removal of Manganese

– No more stains on your white clothes

– Chemical Free, low maintenance, salt free, one tank system.

– Chlorine free solution.

– Regenerate 50% less water than most other filters.

– Meter assisted vacation mode when you are not at home.

– Easy to use adjustable control valve cycle times.

– We carry only Water Quality Association & NSF Certified products.

Why Choose Us?


We are five star rated Tampa well water treatment professionals on Home Advisor and Thumbtack. Let our expert staff help you with your next Tampa well water treatment project. Our installers are top notch experts in the field with over 25 individual years of experience to improve taste & quality your Tampa drinking water.


Nothing But Water
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Tampa Water softener repair
Always fast, friendly service!


We carry over four thousand types of Tampa well water treatment products from pumps to media.  We provide water treatment services & purification equipment to customers in Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Brandon, Spring Hill, Safety Harbor, Indian Shores, Seminole, Dunedin, Indian Rocks Beach, Trinity, Lutz, Seffner, Bellaire, & Palm Harbor. Whether your project is a home or office building, a shopping mall, hospital, hotel, college lab, or a car wash, Nothing But Water Purification Systems of Tampa is the right choice for all your Tampa water treatment needs.

Tampa Commercial Reverse Osmosis

If you need a commercial reverse osmosis system please give us a call at (888) 929-9907 for immediate assistance.

Tampa Chemical Feed Pumps

We recommend Stenner pumps because they are the Cadillac version of a true chemical feeder solution. Their output is determined by three factors; the rpm of the motor gears, the setting on the feed rate control and the pump tube size.

Tampa Sulfur Removal Systems


Our Tampa air injection systems effectively adsorbs hydrogen sulfide, as well as iron, chlorine, chloramine, and manganese. Our patented feeder solution oxidizes sulfur and bacterial iron with no harmful by-products. 

Service Policy

Tampa water treatment service and repair

If you require service on your unit & one of our service techs is called to your home for any reason you will be billed hourly + a trip fee. If you need a service call please call 1-888-929-9907 to schedule a service call accordingly. There are no exceptions to this policy.

Tampa Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems


The Pentair Pentek Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System reduces lead, chlorine taste & odor, dissolved minerals & salts, copper, hexavalent & trivalent chromium, barium, radium 226/228, & selenium. The carbon-sediment pre-filter reduces the particles and chlorine taste and odor to prolong life of RO membrane. 5 micron sediment and carbon block prefilters.

Tampa Air Injection Tannin Removal Systems

Our proprietary Tamp asulfur removal system can remove up to 8 ppm sulfur & up to 7 ppm iron. Daily backwash will remove accumulated iron & sulfur  replenish the filter media bed. 

Tampa Salt Free Water Softener Systems

Tampa salt free water softeners

Our patented Tampa salt free water softener systems are available in 5 residential sizes, 8″, 9″, 10″, 12″& 13″. Scale prevention system features specialized media to first remove the already existing scale from pipes and heat exchange surfaces. 

We recommend Aquias for service related issues